Sunday, January 22, 2012

Burn Everything - "Last Run Through the Ruins" EP

A little change of pace for myself and the majority of It Follows Posts, Burn Everything are a heavy metal/hardcore/technical/whatever you want to call it kind of band. I got this some time ago and have listened to it off and on (thanks to guitarist, Damian, for getting in touch).

The 6 songs here are heavy, technical, and have the bursts of energy and grooving parts that have become more and more prevalent in metallic hardcore. I'm not going to sit here and say things like mathcore or DEP or Burnt By The Sun- rather, its the kind of music that people listening to those bands might get inspired to play. That isn't to say that it sounds like those bands, but they could certainly play on shows with those kinds of bands. The music is not boring at all and the vocals have a good mix of clean screaming/shouting vocals to the deeper screams. The fact that the longest song clocks in at the 3:24 mark definitely helps the overall appeal of this band, for me. Many times bands can become too repetitive in beating a good riff or good idea to death, and as more and more bands seem to be trying to reign in every influence they've ever had and create some stoner tech post-metal (or whatever other clever things you might want to add in), Burn Everything play a good and heavy brand of metal/hardcore that stays fresh throughout; while wrapping it all up with the slightly introspective sounding instrumental aptly named "Crumbling Monolith".

Burn Everything proves that the wheel doesn't need to be re-invented with every single band, just as long as we don't go about flogging it with every riff and every song title along the way.

DOWNLOAD: Burn Everything - "Last Run Through the Ruins" EP

Burn Everything Facebook

I didn't include a song to play because you can pop on over to their facebook and listen to the tracks stream as you download it here. Enjoy!

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