Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just A Few Reminders About the Blog...

108 @ the Showcase Theatre '07
Just a few things...

It's 2012 and the blog rolls on. Sometimes at a slower pace as parenthood and job searching do take up time, but this continues on and every effort will be made to keep a (somewhat) regular and consistent flow of posts coming your way.

I'm always interested in hearing from new bands and glad to post recordings. As you can see, I don't "just post music", there's some thought and history into it. Feel free to e-mail me links/zips/info. and what not. The more you send me, the better (info./picture/that kind of stuff).

The Blog E-Mail is:

Connor- Punk & Proud

I'm working on doing another "Mix Tape", working within the framework of a Mix CD time (60-80 minutes). While I have plenty of tracks I can pull from things already posted and yet to be posted, if any of you other would like to be a part of it, feel free to email me. It's no guarantee that you will end up on it and I am far from the reach and awesomeness of something like Toxic Breed, but the first two mix tapes have had a good download rate and a lot of the bands on them saw a good jump in their downloads. FYI- Im not looking for anything special or exclusive, though if you want to send newer tracks, it only helps you more ;)

I love comments and now that Shoutbox has gone "pay only", I love the comments even more. So don't be shy... really.

I also enjoy mixing in old interviews, zines, ads, flyers, pictures, etc- so far, all of this stuff has been culled from my own collection. I am always open to others submissions- You can e-mail scans/pictures. You can also send things to me for scan, which I can return or keep- just email me.

I finally have a tape deck. Its a nice little guy (still looking to upgrade to a proper stereo model) and its brand new, so it has worked like a champ. More tapes should be showing up here (the Amendment 18 & Retribution demos are the first) and like with flyers/pictures, they can be sent to me and returned. Just get in touch via email and we can work something out.

Lastly, as always - thanks to everyone who downloads, shares, comments, links, and so on. These downloads are entirely up for everyone and fellow bloggers, feel free to use them- just a little link back would be appreciated. I've found some great bands in the last year just from visitors to the blog and I'd like to hear even more this year.

Again- the blog email is:

Burn Your Life Down- new EP out on Glory Kid Ltd

Stanford Prison Experiment "Worst Case Scenario":

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