Saturday, June 11, 2011

Abnegation - Extinguish the Sickness 7inch

I was never too big on this band & I'm still not. However, I had a chance to pick this and the "Jihad" 7inch up at a Record Swap a year or so ago for just a few bucks. I figured at the very least I could give the band a proper listen and always move the records later. And of course, I could post them on the blog.

They've grown on me some, but I'm still not a huge fan. I'll alternate between putting the songs on my ipod, listening to them about 5 times in a week when I get the urge and then ignoring them and deleting them from said ipod when I need space. And so, the cycle repeats.

90's hardcore, lots of chug, screamed vocals (not quite so "evil" sounding as the Jihad record), breakdowns, squealing guitars, and everything else 90's, including less than stellar recording quality.

Animal Rights, Straight Edge, Hardline, evil looking artwork, all the things you could ask for with this 4-song ep. People are still crazy for this band, I can see why... but im still not one of em. Not a bad record though. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Abnegation - "Extinguish the Sickness" 7inch

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