Friday, June 10, 2011

It Follows: Months 1 & 2 - the Cliff Notes

1996- first time seeing Ignite. Great show!
With trying to keep the blog active and mixed with posts of more "known" bands as well as locals, the posts can add up fast. I know what a hassle it can be for the attention-deficit generation to actually spend time searching and reading and how time strapped the rest of us can be with work, family, music, life in general.... so here's a quick flashback on the finer points of the first 2 months with links to the pages themselves- Enjoy!

411 - "Discography" : early 90's melodic/mid-paced hardcore. A true classic, then & now
Former Members of Alfonsin : A discog. of sorts from this stellar hardcore/emo/punk band
Drop It!: Discog of fast & angry hardcore from this early/mid 00's So Cal band.

New Direction: Ep from this Fun & Smart Hardcore band. Music you can party or argue to
Inside Out: A classic live set from the Anthrax as well as other assorted live only songs
Consequence: 90's metal tinged hardcore. Members went on to Strife & Eyelid
Tomorrow's Gone: Vegas hardcore, emotion laced, Dag Nasty/emo-core influenced
Life In Pictures: Metal & Punk fused together in this little EP. Arizona Hardcore.
Count Me Out: Live radio set of this amazing Virginia Hardcore band.
Quicksand: Two 7inches of Post-Hardcore greatness as well as the B-Sides Collection
Headstrong: Local Punk band from the late 90's. Slight HC Punk tendencies with melody
Discharged: Comp of covers with 411, Nausea, ENT, Final Conflict, & Nuerosis
Evergreen: Great early 90's emo from Southern California.
Pukes: Discog of local late 90's HC Punk band. Big Misfits worship & smart asses
In Dying Days: Stellar Metallic Hardcore from Canada. Fast, some chug, never boring
W.C. Stiffs: Pre-Rotting Stiffs. Street Punk to Metallic Punk w/this local band collection
Redemption 87: Great 90's revival from Nor Cal. Members from other great bands
Backside: Second lp from this local skate punk/new school 90's band

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