Monday, June 6, 2011

Straight Faced - "Revolve" 7inch

A quick 3 song 7inch from one of my favorite 90's/early 00's hardcore bands, Straight Faced. This record, released on Hostage Records, showed the band again changing. Moving from the heavier & more 90's influenced sound of their second lp "Broken" to the faster and more aggressive sound that would appear on their Epitaph debut, "Conditioned."

A friend once joked that the band started to sound like Straight Faced-of-it-all around this time, and to be honest, the sound definitely starts to take on a more SOIA-esque sound with "Conditioned." Fast, heavy, punchy, but still reasonably short 2 1/2 - 3 minute songs.

This 7inch just barely scratches the surface with lead track "Revovle" (which would be re-recorded for Conditioned) while "No False Witness" shows more of an experimental sound as the band plays with some pedals jangly bass. The third song, "Trust", really just kind of blends in and is on the record. Nothing flashy, nothing terrible, its just there. This record also features their new bassist, Kevin Norton, fresh from Boston (as can be seen on the B-Side of the Ten Yard Fight "Hardcore Pride" 7inch). Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Straight Faced - "Revolve" 7inch

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