Friday, June 10, 2011

Ignite - "Scarred For Life"

Making their third appearance on the blog (well, actually fifth with the As the Sun Sets Comp & Extent fanzine pictures), is one of Southern California's longest running Hardcore bands, Ignite.

"Scarred For Life" encompasses some of their earliest material, including the "Where They Talk" 7inch (posted on the blog HERE) with Randy Johnson on vocals. This EP/mini-LP also includes more recordings with Randy, presumably from the same recording session, including Ignite classic "Slow" (which also makes it a song recorded & released with each of the three singers).

The last 3 songs on this record feature original singer Joe Nelson who, to my knowledge, only other recorded appearance was the original 5-song demo (which will be posted as soon as I scan the cover/layout) re-doing two of the demo tracks (and also Ignite classics) Ash Return & Should Have Known, as well as the acoustic track Scarred For Life.

All in all, not a bad selection of songs, especially the Randy Johnson tracks. It seems that when Johnson sang for them the lyrics were a bit more personal and less about hardcore or the later environmental issues that Zoli helped bring to the band. That's not to say either of those other two things are bad, I love Ignite as a whole, but the Randy Johnson era of the band definitely proved to be a bit unique and none of the songs exclusive to his time in the band seem to have ever resurfaced on new recordings. I did, however, see Ignite do a song from Where They Talk at Showcase Theatre in either very late 90's or very early 00's.

DOWNLOAD: Ignite - "Scarred For Life"

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