Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Holding On / Coalition - Split 7inch

A quick one to get back into the swing of things. This 5-song split 7inch (2 Coalition, 3 Holding On) brings together two of the better, but not huge, hardcore bands from the mid-2000's.

Holding On hailed from Minnesota, playing fast and aggressive/borderline heavy old-school flavored hardcore. They would release two full lengths and a slew of 7inches (this and their split with The Real Enemy are both great) which would eventually end up on a collection CD. At times Holding On makes me think of a more 90's influenced version of Striking Distance. Angry, pissed off, to the point- but where SD leaned more to the furious punk side of things with a bit more of a explosiveness; Holding On had some linings of a more positive spin and heavy moments.

Coalition hailed from Michigan and at first (to my recollection) had a more standard kind old-school/revival sound that was huge in the late 90's/early 00's. I was fortunate enough to see them

around the time of their 3-song 7inch (yes, i'll post it later) and a very fun & energetic show at the Che Cafe. You could hear a little more in the sound changing to a little heavier influence which would start to show itself on their first lp before fully exploding on their second (last) lp. I remember someone saying it was kind of like revival hardcore taking cues from bands like Unbroken. I'm apprehensive to compare anyone to Unbroken, not because I'm a crazy Unbroken fan, but because that's a big thing to say (and it gets thrown around). But listening to the LP's, you can hear that heavy but punky/fast sound going on. In that aspect, yes. But here, you still hear the more straight forward Coalition as they move towards the heavier sound.

A nice record, good bands, and the covers are great and the facial expressions on some of the members faces is great. ENJOY!

DOWNLOAD: Coalition/Holding On - Split 7inch

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  1. I love this!!! I have the 7", and I´ll looking for the digital version so long, sorry for my bad english, greets from Mexico