Saturday, June 4, 2011

Circle Storm - Character Assassin EP

Alright, one baby registry down today; now some time for some love for the blog.... Circle Storm were (to my knowledge) a very short lived band from Southern California, playing a very few shows before disappearing.

Circle Storm played punky/melodic influenced hardcore lead by the distinct vocals of Curt Canales (Chain of Strength) with lyrics that run a pretty traditional scope of hardcore lyrics (change, betrayal, misunderstanding, shit talking). The music has a bit of a stop and start to it, with little punches that make it stand out as something more than just an 'ex-members of' band (Chain guitarist Ryan Hoffman also plays in CS).

This EP, released on Ambassador Records/Revelation Distribution also features a previous 2-song 7inch hidden on the last track. I remember hearing a long time ago that the 7inch songs were actually Chain songs that were recorded by Chain, but didn't fit in with their sound. Given that tracks 3 & 4 on this EP were written by Chain and are different enough that you could see why Chain might have not used them, the 7inch may very well have been Chain; however, I do not own the 7inch, so it may all just be a memory (but sound quality/drum sounds/back-ups sound a lot like the chain records).

Lastly, I was fortunate enough to see them one of the few shows they played (and I believe their last show) in '97 with Strife. Their set was recorded and posted to youtube; which you can find in an earlier blog post about the show HERE .

Around the time of this show I had gone to pick up my youngest sisters from elementary school and was wearing one of those Rev Chain reprint shirts from the time "The One Thing..." lp was put out and was stopped by a woman who asked me where I had gotten the shirt. She went on to explain that she was the sister-in-law to Chain bassist, Alex. Even living in the IE, that was a pretty unexpected experience.

DOWNLOAD: Circle Storm "Character Assassin" EP

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    anyway, great blog!! circle storm is great!!