Sunday, June 5, 2011

On A Solid Rock - "Where the Kids Don't Play" 7inch

Early/Mid-00's Hardcore from Finland. I came across this band via a good friend from Ohio, Zack, who I believe had known some of them via some of his music journeys in life at the time. Zack had sent me an mp3 of the track "Let It Die" and I had gotten hooked. However, the record eluded me for another 2-3 years.

When I did finally stumble upon it in a distro at a Smell show in LA (I think it was Vitamin X, who can be sure anymore) I must have looked a bit silly to be amped on a record that no one else seemed to know existed.

Hardcore that bounces around some- from just fast and driving aggression of a song like "Days of the Daisy Cutter", to the longer "Paralyzed on the Path to Freedom" which showcases the band at its full range on this record - fast and in your face, but then the tempo changes and the vocals take on a bit more of a singing style as the music gets just a touch melodic before getting a little chunky with the riffs. All in all, the 6 songs (5 tracks) here put forth a solid effort of songs that fit together in a very crafted way, including the last song playing out almost like a death march; which fits the title and many of the themes found on the record. From the political to the socially aware, the topics deal with war, disease, and fanaticism found in many beliefs.

The band released a mini-lp entitled "Steal It Back" which I have been unsuccessful in finding so far. The band would come to an end in the mid-00's with their singer moving to the states to pursue other interests in life, leaving behind this 7inch and the aforementioned mini-lp. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: On A Solid Rock - "Where the Kids Don't Play" 7inch


  1. Oh thats really great to come across this blog. Its my pleasure.

  2. Cool to see some love for OASR from other side of the world. This band was amazing in every aspect.

  3. Also i'm pretty sure their label (who did the Steal It Back Lp and Cd -pressings) should still have at least the cd on sale (it features also the 7" tracks as bonus).

    They have also the last show dvd and they do ship worldwide.