Sunday, June 5, 2011

Embrace Today - "...for the kids" 7inch

You know them and whether you love or hate them, they were around from the late 90's - mid 00's releasing a handful of ep's & an lp, playing a ton, and getting a reaction of some sort out of most everyone.

Most people know them for their records starting with the EP "FYIE", however, the band had a demo, this 7inch, and another EP "Breaking the Code of Silence" before "FYIE" was released. Known for a more aggressive and metal tinged sound and lyrics that thrust straight edge to the forefront of much of their imagery for the band; they actually started out owing much more to late 90's bands like Reinforce and Fastbreak than would ever be evidenced by their later records.

This 7inch, recorded in 1999, is pretty standard revival youth crew styled hardcore, giving little to no indication of what was to come later. Positive lyrics, fast songs with little metallic-punky parts, and songs about the kids, drug free pride, and one's own perseverance over obstacles.

The follow-up to this, "Breaking the Code of Silence" EP (my personal favorite by them) would begin to showcase the harder edge of the band as it mixed the youth crew sounds with more aggression and chug. That EP will turn up here at some point, the demo as well... once I have a functional tape deck.


DOWNLOAD: Embrace Today - "for the kids" 7inch

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  1. It'll be interesting to hear how this 7" sounds, i've heard only everything from Breaking The Code Of Silence -forward. Also it's pretty ridiculous how much they changed their style, Soldiers was still pretty awesome record, but next step with moshmetal was confusing.