Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Automatic - "Self Titled" 7inch

Automatic were a band from Louisville, Kentucky that played a brand of speedy hardcore infused with melody, slightly sung/screamed vocals, and big back-ups before the whole of hardcore music were doing the same thing.

With a sound that could easily conjure images of Mouthpiece or Dag Nasty, this 4 song ep is assembled perfectly with songs that top off at the 2+ minute mark as they deliver a reminder that not everything in the 90's was either chugga chugga or straight up revival/youth crew.

While "Monument" stands out as my favorite track here, third track "Not the Same" has a very strong Dag Nasty vibe, especially with the vocals and the melodic sound that sacrifices none of the speed and precision of hardcore.

This was released on Capsule Records and was later followed up with a second ep on Indecision Records (which apparently included this ep and another track. I own the vinyl, but not the CD). I get the vibe that the band always took a second seat to members other bands and unfortunately never did a ton more than the few songs out there. Either way, a damn good ep with something to appeal to everyone.

EDIT/UPDATE: Automatic has been back together and writing/practicing. Potential LP in the future. Keep up with the band here:

DOWNLOAD: Automatic - "Self-titled" 7inch


  1. Hey, I just found out today about this blog and I must say it`s really great! I like that you write something about the stuff you post and that you scan the covers and booklets. Anyway, keep it up with great work!

  2. Thanks for posting the first Automatic 7". Over the past 6 months or so we have been back together and writing more songs. Keep an eye out for an LP within the next year or so.

  3. Thanks Thommy. That is great news! I really love what you guys had going on and look forward to new stuff. Gunna add the facebook link to the post right now.

  4. Looking back I have no idea what we were thinking with that record cover.

  5. Haha. Ive always wondered if it was someone's grandpa or something. With the X on the hand, maybe you were going for old school straight edge? haha